This Season's Working Girl

A new season is here, meaning tons of new fashion potential, be it for nights out, casual chic or office chic – and office chic is what we’re excited about this season because the ‘working girl’ look is everywhere! From slick city coats, to girl-meets-boy ‘fem suits’ to ‘90s chic and pops of uber bright colours here and there, office chic is most certainly fabulous, daring and has that certain air of finesse and ‘je ne se quoui’.

Let’s talk about the super cute modern version of fem suits: the basic blazer and the super-hot crop pants. Yes it’s still a fem suit with a modern twist. Be it the crop pants or a pop of graphic or colour here and there, the ‘Working Girl’ of the ‘90s is back and we’re here to give you a few ideas on how to work it, so let’s talk about the basic monochrome… We have a few style ideas, simple but chic – you cannot go wrong.

So why not try simple black pants but add some pop with a graphic monochromatic blazer and shoes with a bit of animal print to make your office wear pop a bit more? A whiff of Shalimar will also take you straight back to the ‘90s if you want the full-on experience!
Or there is  keeping it basic and keeping it chic, with a simple block on block colour black and white which you can rarely go wrong with, add some red lipstick just to give a little edge and you’re good to go for you office look. Cigarettes are optional though; just because our ‘90s ‘working girls’ pulled off the nicotine-chic doesn’t mean we should!

Alternatively, you can have your basic black and white but can add a  cheeky little touch with a dramatic blazer (or pants – we’ve chosen tartan in the look above).

Written By Mpona Lebajoa

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