Corporate Social Responsibility

At Losode UK Ltd, we believe in creating strong, vibrant communities and giving back to the communities in which we operate. We go beyond the concept of “corporate responsibility” and believe that it is our duty to create a stronger, more vibrant Africa as a whole.

We are involved in a number of non-profit and community service projects. However, one of the topics we are most passionate about is combatting modern day slavery.

15 of the world’s top 20 nations involved in the modern day slave trade are located in Africa, with some of the worst offenders including Sudan, Mauritania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are proud to have strong links to Nigeria, one of the continent’s leading combatants against the slave trade and slavery. Nigeria was the first nation in Africa to enact anti-trafficking legislation (2003), as well as the first to create an anti-trafficking agency (the National Agency for Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters).

Despite Nigeria’s leadership in this area, we realise there is still a long way to go toward ending slavery and the slave trade in Africa once and for all. To that end, we are committed to fighting modern day slavery by creating an awareness of ‘modern day slavery at our events’ and working with charities such as anti-slavery to help fund their mission. 

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