Timeless Jazz Classics meet Modern Day

When it comes to timeless, inviting ways to jazz up your wardrobe, color provides an excellent way to achieve the flare you are looking for. Bright splashes, as spotted on modern runways, represent special sparks that rarely go out of style. They also provide today’s modern, fashion-conscious man with a variety of options, allowing him to truly make each season’s most fashionable looks his own. Successful working with colour is the benchmark for achieving some of the most celebrated looks in 2013 and having the right accessories is the secret to doing it successfully.


The jazz-inspired looks of the 20’s and 30’s are the rage. Designers, such as Dsquared2’s are creating tasteful and trendy looks in their upcoming fall collection by combining classic, vintage-inspired items like double-breasted blazers and old-school fedoras with unmistakably modern staples such as distressed, cuffed blue jeans paired with polished high-top boots. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the fashion scene, it’s no secret that vintage is back in a big way. It is however important to understand that the vintage look can easily be overdone. Items such as the double breasted fitted blazer and the Fedora have the potential to mesh well with simpler items in your wardrobe. Both of these can be paired with dress pants for special occasions or jeans for jazzing up weekend attire.


There are a few ways to incorporate colour; go big and bold and put colour front and center with a blazer or add pizzaz to everyday neutrals, in a subtler way, using accent accessories.

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Blazers and fedoras in velvety pomegranate, aqua, royal blue, or apricot tones provide the basis for an evening look that would not be forgotten. Sleek dress slacks in silks or wools with a shiny finish are perfect matches for dressing up or hitting the town, while distressed jeans and boots are a great way to tone things down for a weekend lunch with friends. For the more conservative occasion, confine your use of colour to your pocket square or tie; either the traditional long tie or a bow-tie will work perfectly. Bowling bags are also a great way to add contrast to your neutrals.

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